Wedding Associations and Warranties

Wedding Associations and Warranties

I’m a proud co-founder of National Association of Wedding Photographers, ANFM.

National Association of Italian Wedding Photographers


Being part of the National Association of Wedding Photographers, an organization that supports excellence in this wonderful profession, is an important goal for a wedding photographer. I’m really proud to be part of, it is an honor and at the same time, an incentive to offer alway my best. How exciting will it be, after the wedding, browse your photo collection?

ANFM knows.

ANFM was born and exists to this: ensure that the results meet your expectations.

The photographers who are part of ANFM are conscious of having, on each occasion, a great responsibility: create unique memories that you can enjoy over the years, being able to help you relive all the best of your wedding day.

That ‘s why the ANFM photographers are carefully selected: to become part of this organization they must meet the requirements and undergo regular screening to ensure the tranquility you deserve, to ensure that the day of your wedding remains simply the memorable day that you always dreamed, without the worries caused by an improvised photographer or a photographer not used to manage and monitor an important ceremony like yours wedding day.

You will see immediately the difference between our photographers and the others: every ANFM photographer is specialized in wedding photography, and he will prove it by showing only his works, or those of its employees officially accredited, in order to avoid you embarrassing situations like to see, the wedding day, a photographer that you don’t know and with whom you have not provided the necessary feeling. And this to ensure that what you choose, you simply have it. In this way, you’ll discover that getting married was even more beautiful.

Choose tranquillity… choose an ANFM photographer.