Wedding Photography Style

I carry out my wedding session using almost exclusively reportage style (90%). In this way, which does not include old posed photos, I try to tell every moment of the day in natural and spontaneous ways. I always try to be as unobtrusive as possible to avoid forcing the unfolding situations.

Italy wedding photographs

During the day I need (and I love) to execute a little portrait session with the couple, but we will strive only for a few minutes, about 20/30.

Italy wedding photographs

If necessary we will be two wedding photographers and we will start the service from the preparation of both bride and groom if is possible (same location). For the bride, I also like to take some shots of her makeup and dressing up moments.

Italy wedding photographs

At the end of the preparations, if there will be a small reception before the ceremony, we will perform some shots to the guests present.

The service continues with the complete coverage of the ceremony and reception (according to the hours purchased).

I don’t have special requirements to realize my wedding photography services, but if the couple has any special request, they have to tell me about it, without any problem. For example, a friend with whom you absolutely want a picture? Please let me know. Just to clarify one point: the reportage style can not guarantee the presence of everyone in the photographs, it is practically impossible, so if you absolutely want the photo with parents or grandparents or other people, you have to tell it to me during the wedding day.
Of course, I’ll be happy to fulfill this wish.

Italy wedding photographs Italy wedding photographs Italy wedding photographs

National and International associations of which I am proudly part.

Being part of different associations means having a keen eye open on the wedding photography trends, I find continuous confrontation with colleagues around the world very decisive. Everything evolves, even wedding photography, so I think it is very positive to have continuous incentive, lead to try to do better.

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